Hey Rockstar,

So excited to tell you more about this awesome program!

In Phase 1 (the first 4 weeks), you'll dedicate 4 days a week to the lifting workouts, split between upper and lower body circuits. These workouts take between 45 min to an hour to complete (to account for warm-up, changing weights, resting, stretching, a HIIT finisher or an ab circuit to finish). 

In Phase 2 (the second 4 weeks), you’ll do 3 days of full body power strength training (also 45 minutes to an hour with the warm up, strength training workout, abs workout and stretching) and one shorter cardio day (20-35 minutes). 

You will have the option to add another day of cardio or HIIT if you are at a more advanced level and properly fueling your body with balanced nutrition - but it's completely optional. 

You can also enjoy active recovery day movement like yoga, cycling, swimming and walking on your rest days.

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 -Betty Rocker