Hey Rockstar, 

Thank you for your interest in the Lioness program.

If you have weights and equipment at home, you absolutely can – but you will find it easiest if you are at the gym. If you want to do it at home, you will need dumbbells, a Swiss ball, bands (or a cable pulley system), a chin up bar, a barbell with weight plates (with options to increase weight each week), and a bench. 

Progressive overload, which means adding weight/resistance accumulatively, is what gives you results quickly – so having access to weights that go up in small increments is ideal. For most of the exercises, you can start with bodyweight or with very light weights, and as you get stronger, add weight each week.

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We look forward to celebrating all your success with the Lioness program. Please feel free to email us at support@thebettyrocker.com if you have any further questions. 

-Betty Rocker