You have several great options to get you started, and yes the recipes are quite simple and easy to follow. I've included the steps to help you with each recipe, as well as an easy guide if you'd like to try making several of your recipes on the same day to save time later in the week (also known as batch prepping).

1. You can ease into cooking by trying out a few of the recipes here and there. 

I recommend trying some of the breakfast recipes that look good to you, and the green smoothies. Take a look at the daily menus and see how you can model your existing eating to match a bit more closely to the way the plan is laid out, looking for the nutrients in the food you're eating.

2. You can cook 1-2 recipes each day or prep as you go through out the week. 

3. You can  try my batch prepping set up to have food on hand and ready to go. 

Each recipe is very simple, comes with follow-along directions and once you have done it you will be that much faster and more efficient each time.

Most of the recipes are very simple and require easy-to-find ingredients. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things and get in the kitchen! You will  improve your cooking skills by COOKING!

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