You definitely don't need to buy everything organic, a lot of people think that's required, but it's not. 

Buy the best quality you can afford for what's available where you are. I save a lot of money buying items frozen, in bulk or on Amazon (specialty items like hemp seeds for example are a lot cheaper online, and easier to find).

Cooking for yourself can really help you lower your overall food costs. The nutrients you're adding to your body are what will satisfy your hunger, fuel your cells, and help you naturally burn body fat if that's one of your goals.

A little planning for the week and food prep (like what you have laid out in the meal plans) will have you skipping expensive dining out or nickel and diming yourself on lunches and snack food.

The recipes in the cookbooks range from fish to steak to pizza and quick and easy-to-make stir-fries – you’re sure to find plenty of options for everyday dining to special occasions.

Everything is gluten and dairy free, contains Vegetarian and Pescatarian options and has been tested and tried by me and thousands of other people :)

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