Hello Rockstar!

Yes they can replace a meal. But you want to include ingredients that fill you up. Imagine if you put just greens and fruit and water on your plate – that wouldn’t give you energy for long! But if you added some protein and maybe some chia or hemp seeds, now you’re creating something a little more substantial. 

Adding more filling liquids to your smoothies like almond or hemp milk can help fill you up, and I often add a scoop of all-natural protein powder to my smoothies as well.

You should definitely include Green Smoothies every day if you can. They give you so much energy and so many nutrients - you will feel great if you include them daily!

I don't suggest replacing more than one meal a day with a green smoothie - eat real food for the rest of your meals/snacks!

In the meal plan I will teach you how to prep your smoothies for the week so all you have to do is add the liquid and toss the ingredients into your blender! 

-Team Betty Rocker

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