Great question!

The first thing I recommend is that you take a look at the foods you are eating - are they real, natural, whole foods? Are you eating enough protein, fat, carbs, and greens? 

These things are very important to keep in mind when you create a meal or eat a snack. When you eat real food, you will feel satisfied with less, as opposed to eating junk food and not feeling full. 

Also, check in with yourself when you are about to eat. Are you really hungry or just bored/sad/angry? If you are seriously hungry, eat something! If you’re not hungry and just emotionally reaching for food, go do something fun or relaxing such as painting your nails or taking a leisurely walk. 

Overeating can also be related to negative self talk. When we constantly berate ourselves we can be more inclined to overeat and take out our emotions on food. Working on our mindset and combating negative self talk can lead to a much healthier relationship with our bodies and food. 

Implementing what I call NSA days is also an amazing resource to help you gain control over uncontrollable eating urges. However, the number one thing I recommend for being successful when it comes to anything fitness or nutrition related in the long run is to be consistent! 

The bottom line is don’t eat just to eat - eat to fuel your body when it needs food. Eat lots of green, leafy vegetables, fibrous low sugar fruits (such as apples), complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fat throughout the day.

If you're wondering what to eat in each of these categories, I have some amazing blog posts that I'd love for you to read:

-Betty Rocker