Great question!

Cravings (specifically for carbs and sugar) are often caused by a lack of adequate energy stores in the body, and indicative of unstable blood sugar. 

Your body needs a steady supply of nutrients to function, and if your reserves are low, your body will send signals to your brain to search for something quick to keep you going. Often times when this happens, we reach for sugar.

If you find that you constantly get cravings, check in with your food intake. Are you eating enough protein? Enough fiber-rich greens? How about healthy fat? Those nutrients are very satisfying and deliver a slow, lasting energy to the body just like complex whole-food carbohydrates do. Don’t skip these vital nutrients!

When a craving hits, try eating a big handful of dark, leafy greens, or a protein-based snack with a little healthy fat.

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-Betty Rocker