Hey Rockstar!

If you're seeing a changes in your body composition, that's great news! When you're eating right and exercising consistently, your body will lose fat while simultaneously adding lean muscle, which may or may not result in a big weight fluctuation.

Adding lean muscle is awesome - it's denser than fat, so as you lose fat and gain muscle you'll see your clothes fitting differently, your body sculpted and defined, your waist to hip ratio change and you'll start to feel more energy and vitality.  Generally speaking, you'll have a leaner physique and greater fat-burning potential due to increased muscle mass.

Where some people get confused is they equate these changes to "weight loss" which they think should be reflected in the scale. But the scale can only measure your total mass. It's not measuring your body fat percentage vs your muscle mass percentage vs how much water you have in your system that day vs bone density - so just be aware that the number on the scale really doesn't show you everything that matters, and it's far better to look at progress pictures, take measurements, or use a scanner that measures those different numbers for you periodically.

Read The Truth About Your Weight to learn more about exactly what is happening with your weight.

Keep up the great work!

-Betty Rocker