Staying motivated is really hard for a lot of people, and it takes a lot of effort on your part to make it work. Try finding an intrinsic motivator (something within yourself) to help you stay on track. Remember the good feeling you got after accomplishing a hard workout? Or how about the extra energy from eating healthy and being active?

I stay motivated by teaching others what I have learned. Try teaching a loved one a green smoothie recipe. Learn about each ingredient and really explain to them how that green smoothie will help them with their overall health. When you're teaching others, you get inspired to keep making healthy choices!

Another way to stay motivated is to look at how far you've come! We often get so fixated on the present that we forget that we've already made so much progress. Take small steps in the right direction instead of jumping in headfirst and giving up within a few days. All the little things truly do add up over time, and they are a whole lot more sustainable.

Here are some specific resources that will really help you.

You're not alone.

YOU can do it!

Please read the Betty Rocker Manifesto: 15 Rules for a Rockin' Body and Balanced Life for lots of help getting yourself on track!

I'd also love to motivate you personally. Please check out the details of my online fitness support community, Rock Your Life.