If your body isn’t accustomed to raw greens, eating them will be an adjustment – but one that will pay off. Here are a couple suggestions to help: 

1) Be sure you are really washing your greens well, even your organic greens and fruits. The shipping and handling process isn't the same as if you’d gone and picked them from the garden and sometimes bacteria can be present. 

2) If you’re blending your green smoothies in a normal blender and then drinking them, you may want to consider using a food processor, or at the very least chopping the fruit and vegetables up before blending to ensure an even blend. It also helps to first blend the liquid and greens together very well, then add the fruit and blend again. Add in any spice, protein powders, or nut/seed butters at the end and blend a 3rd time.

If you’re drinking a smoothie that isn't really well broken down, it’s similar to what happens when you don’t chew your food adequately. Some predigestion happens in the mouth, and if that’s not happening, your stomach and intestines may be a bit overloaded. Be sure to remove stalky tough stems from kale or other fibrous greens.

3) Eat a smaller portion of your Daily Green Salad, and include less greens in your smoothie than the recipe calls for. The amount of raw greens in the daily menu may be affecting your digestion. Start with less greens and gradually increase the amount over the next 4 weeks until your body adjusts.

You can also sauté your mixed greens salad to help aid your system in digesting the fiber as an alternative to eating it raw.

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