The Body Fuel System is a 100% digital program - no physical goods are shipped.

This allows you to access the program immediately - no waiting for weeks for a book to arrive. You can start your journey of AWESOME right then and there!

It also saves you money! If we were to print our book in small batches, store them somewhere, and ship them upon receipt of an order, that would raise our costs by A LOT. 

Printing, storing and shipping costs are very high, and we wanted to be able to offer you our products at a low price - always. If we were to offer physical books, the cost of all of the necessary details would have to be passed on to you, our customer.

You have permission to print out sections of the program yourself - many program components are in separate documents to give you the option of what you want to print out.

Digital products are eco-friendly! By offering digital products, no paper or ink is wasted in the process. We aim to be as green as possible - and this is our way of helping the planet. 

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