While everyone's body is unique and will have varying results, it's important to understand what's happening in your body as you start eating the way the Body Fuel System is designed. 

As you begin to lose body fat, your weight will naturally reflect that, but if you combine exercise with this kind of eating, you'll also add some lean muscle - that will start to change the shape and composition of your body. 

Weight is a terrible indicator of body composition. Your weight is simply a number that tells you how much the combined tissues in your body weigh – but it doesn’t tell you the far more important thing, which is what those tissues are actually composed of. Muscle and fat are very different creatures in your body. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh exactly the same thing, but they take up very different amounts of space in your body.

So if you are adding muscle to your body because you’re following a consistent exercise program and eating in a way that supports that muscle and burns fat (like the foods in the Body Fuel System), you’re going to be gaining a little lean muscle and burning body fat. 

This is the healthiest and most sustainable way to change your body. When you combine that approach with an exercise program like the ones I create, you accelerate your results massively.

You can achieve your ideal body when you follow the nutritional principles taught in this System - because how your body LOOKS and FEELS is much more important than the number on the scale!

If you don’t see your weight drop rapidly but you’re taking your progress pics you WILL see your body start to change. Look for those signs. Don’t judge the whole, remarkable, complex you by some arbitrary number that cannot take all of your awesomeness into account.

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