The Body Fuel System is based on whole, natural foods that are unprocessed, unrefined such as:

  • organic eggs
  • natural meats & poultry
  • wild fish & shellfish
  • low-sugar fruits
  • organic greens and vegetables
  • raw nuts & seeds
  • natural oils & healthy fats
  • gluten-free grains
  • plus, for every recipe with meat or fish, there is an alternative option suitable for vegetarians or pescatarians, or anyone who chooses to use them.

…and many delicious recipes that combine these wholesome ingredients in creative, delicious ways that make it easy for you to enjoy them. The food in this program is gluten free, dairy free, corn free and soy free.*

*Several of the meat-alternative recipes contain soy (tempeh or tofu). If you are following the regular program, there is no soy.

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