If you are new to cooking do not force yourself to go out and buy all the groceries or feel like if you don't follow the meal plan exactly you are not "doing it right."

This program was written to give you a chance to practice using these guidelines and have the right nutrient combinations.

I always focus on what I can add before diving into anything 100%.

So I'd suggest trying a couple recipes that look good to you as you're reading through the material in Part 1, and easing into doing a little more cooking each week.

Even making a couple staple dishes with enough for leftovers can make a big difference in your success. Having breakfast daily, and a green smoothie at least 4 times a week will start to improve your energy and give you the nutrients that work with your system to naturally burn fat and improve your metabolic functions.

Depending on your comfort and experience with cooking, you can choose to use some or all of the food prep and full meal plans, and as you gain confidence you can add in more and more.

Supplementing the plan with recipes from my blog can be a great way to find even more flexibility with this program and get comfortable with this as a lifestyle and really begin to make this easy for you!

Here is a great article called the 5-step Food Prep and Recipes Guide that explains how I set myself up and the philosophies around it to help you get the full picture.