Thanks for your interest in the Body Fuel System! This is the most extensive and in depth program about nutrition that I have created. 

It is truly a blueprint to understanding how food works in your body and how to use and apply that information on a daily basis so you can achieve and maintain your ideal weight, get out of a fat-storing state and into a fat-burning one, feel great about the choices you make with food, and vastly increase your health.

Part 1 is the Nutrition Section, that will teach you the WHY, and Part 2 is an amazing 30 day meal plan, to show you HOW!

Here's a chapter synopsis of Part 1 and what you will learn:

  • Mind Ninja: Cooking is Just Like Kung Fu
  • Welcome To The Body Fuel System
  • Why a System is Not the Same As a “Diet”
  • Stay On Track: Observe and Report
  • Getting Started in 7 Easy Steps
  • Fit, Healthy, and Confident: Dialing in the System for Your Goals
  • Eating Around Workouts and Rearranging the Order of Your Meals
  • Protein: The Captain of the Nutrients
  • Carbohydrates: Thor’s Hammer and How to Throw It
  • Fat: One of Your Most Powerful Allies
  • Hate Having Superpowers? Don’t Eat Greens.
  • Gluten, Dairy, Food Allergies and Listening to Your Body
  •  ”NSA” - How to Create a No-Strings Attached Relationship with Junk Food
  • How Much Does Eating Healthy Cost?
  • Six Ways to Win at Grocery Shopping 
  • Dominate Your Kitchen like a Boss 
  • Kitchen and On-the-Go Tools 
  • Making it Happen in the Real World: Time Commitment and Meal Frequency
  • Liquid Fuels: High and Low Octane Beverages and How to Use Them
  • Five Hacks to Crush Food Cravings
  • Dining Out Strategies
  • Travel Tips
  • Dealing With People Who Don’t Support Your Choices
  • What to do After the 4 Weeks are Over

In Part 2, you'll have:

  • A weekly grocery list (for 4 weeks)
  • An easy to follow food prep follow along (if you'd like to try doing more of your cooking for the week at the beginning of the week, you can also use the recipes and ease into the program at your own pace)
  • Healthy, delicious, nutrient dense recipes made with whole foods (gluten and dairy free, Vegetarian options included)
  • Daily menus to guide you on your daily eating

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