Hey Rockstar!

Thank you for your interest in the Home Workout Domination program. There is so much variety and room to grow with this program!

You will be doing upper body, lower body, full body, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and yoga workouts. To add even more variety, you will have multiple options for each exercise - you can do these workouts using only body weight or add more resistance with various workout equipment or house hold objects like cans, wine bottles or water jugs.

The upper body, lower body and full body workouts are formatted using super sets which are mini circuits that combine strength training and cardio to maximize fat burn and muscle gains. The HIIT workouts are full circuit workouts while the yoga is done using a traditional yoga flow format with a modern twist - like the option to use some dumbbells or weighted objects for additional resistance and strength training.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at support@thebettyrocker.com for our fastest customer service available.

We look forward to celebrating all your success!

Wishing you all the best,
Team Betty Rocker

P.S. Watch this Betty Rocker video with all the details about Home Workout Domination :)