With the 90 day Challenge Program, you'll have a base of 4 workouts per week

With the additional Bonus content, you'll be able to add another home workout in if you like, or add in running or another type of training program.

If you'd like more personalized guidance for incorporating your program with other workouts, support and a community to access while you're going through this, be sure to join my Rock Your Life fitness community (if you have already purchased the 90 day program, you'll have a special invitation to join in your email - be sure to use that for a special discount)

I wrote the 90 day challenge to be very versatile on purpose because it's so important to be able to have flexibility in your training program, and everyone is at a slightly different fitness level, has a variety of time constraints and demands on their schedule, and I don't care what fitness level you're at - having effective workouts you can consistently do is the KEY to seeing and keeping amazing results.

It's tough to be consistent when you have to drive to the gym to do a workout. 

Even if you have a gym membership it's not always easy to stick to a schedule that allows you to truly be consistent week after week. While many of us say we're going to train 5 days a week, often we can only get in 2-3 days at max. 

My goal with this program is to make it possible to get in 4 workouts consistently, because you can do them anywhere. 

The benefits to doing these workouts consistently are increased strength and muscle definition, a leaner physique and decreased body fat. Not to mention an increased sense of happiness, better energy, and more confidence!

If you have awesome energy and are intermediate to advanced, you can do 3-4 rounds for the max time of all the workouts, add in some of your own (running, spin, weight training) if you have time, or even double up a couple days. 

It's ok to train 5 or even 6 days a week as long as you're not overtraining the same muscles, and taking plenty of rest, sleeping enough, hydrating well, and eating balanced whole foods (like the ones in your meal plans).

If you are really short on time and needing a workout to do anywhere, you can rock out 1 -2 rounds of a challenge workout and know you got in a killer fat burn and maintain your base.

If you're a beginner or rebuilding your fitness, these workouts on their own, 3-4 days a week are going to be more than awesome for you to build strength and see amazing results.

-Betty Rocker