Hi! I am SO sorry to hear you are injured or sick! I know it can be very frustrating to have an injury or setback to deal with when you're doing a training program but it is so important to me that you get better as quickly as possible.

There are so many different types of  injuries and illnesses and since each person is coming from a unique place, I am unable to provide specific modifications. It would be super irresponsible of me to assume I know what every individual is dealing with and to provide modifications without doing a hands on assessment and knowing your health history. 

That being said, you know your body best. It is important to always work within your limitations and pain free. I recommend that you check with your doctor or a PT in your area to get a hands on assessment as they will be able to give you modifications and see if it is appropriate for you to be training. 

I have an amazing resource to help you during this time called How to Train When You are Sick or Injured that I highly recommend you read to know exactly what you CAN do right now to speed up your recovery time. 

I'm wishing you a speedy recovery and sending you a BIG, HUGE, HUG. 

-Betty Rocker