The 90 Day Challenge Program includes:

  • 12 week progressive bodyweight (no equipment) workout plan with videos, workout calendars for you fitness level, printable workout PDF's and guides
  • 8 week meal plan, with recipes (gluten and dairy free, vegetarian options included), daily menus, food prep guides, and shopping lists
  • Yoga videos
  • Alignment and Self Care videos
  • 30-day challenge complete collection Bonus videos
  • 90 Day Coaching and Accountability E-Course


You’ll have a special workout calendar for your fitness level – beginner, intermediate or advanced and can do 3-5 workouts per week depending on the fitness level you choose  

These workouts are done circuit style, for time – 8, 16 or 24 minutes. You’ll be able to do shorter or longer-duration rounds of the workouts depending on your fitness level and how much time you have.

The video demos with Betty Rocker break down modifications and teach you the workouts. You have the option to repeat the workout 2, 3 or 4 times to match your current strength and fitness level. 

If you're a beginner, you will find these workouts easy to learn, and you'll get progressively stronger as you go, and burn fat and build muscle as you gain confidence in your ability to master these workouts.

If you're intermediate to advanced, you'll find these moves easy to learn and challenging to do for several rounds. You'll see major strength and endurance increases as you progress, and watch your body composition change as you increase muscle and burn more body fat. 

This program can be done alongside another program to maximize it's effectiveness as long as you are taking adequate rest days. 

The program is a standalone program and can be done very effectively by itself. But if you’re already doing other activities like running, weight training and other sports, it’s very easy to incorporate that into the 90 day challenge program and can be used to maximize their effectiveness. Just be sure you are taking adequate rest days. 

Meal Plans:

The meal plans are not provided to force you to start doing a lot of cooking and food prep if that's not what you're used to. They are provided to give you an opportunity to form a base of healthy nutrient dense eating and make it a fun foundation to help you with your progress. 

If you're new to cooking, a great way to get started is to take a look through the handy recipe document and see what recipes appeal to you. Try one or two your first week. Look for a green smoothie recipe that sounds good and try making it a couple times.

Think of what you can add, not that you must suddenly start eliminating everything you're doing already. It's about finding balance - not being "perfect."

If you're used to cooking, this will be an awesome guide, and give you so many great new recipes and guidelines to ensure you're getting all the right nutrients in your body daily to support your workout plan.

Anyone can browse the daily menus and gain a lot of help and insight into creating balanced meals throughout the day - whether you're following exactly what's there or not.

The menus don't count calories - they're based on whole foods and the plans help you to start learning the right amounts and portions for yourself without being a slave to weighing and  measuring constantly.

Bonus Gifts

The bonus gifts in the program are amazing - you'll get some foundational pieces to help you with your structure, posture and alignment. You'll also get the entire 30 day challenge video collection, which you can use to supplement the 90 day challenge or use as an online workout database.

It's so helpful to have a workout program you can take with you on the go, people who use the program write constantly to say how easy it is to just do a workout in their hotel, at their relatives house, in the park...absolutely anywhere.

>>You can read more about the 90 Day Challenge Here!

(30-day challengers use the 90 day challenge link inside your emails instead)