You can absolutely do other workouts with the 90 day program, but it really depends on where you are at. The program is a standalone program and can be done very effectively by itself. But if you’re already doing other activities like running, weight training and other sports, it’s very easy to incorporate that into the 90 day challenge Program.


The most important thing to do is ensure you are taking rest days and not overtraining, listening to your body, and exercising pain free. A good way to check in with yourself is to see if you have good energy for your workout and are not tired or exhausted. Back off if you're feeling run-down.

Rest is very important when it comes to seeing results. In fact, resting is actually when your body builds muscle. During your workouts, your muscle fibers are being broken down and your body uses the nutrients you’ve consumed to provide you with the energy you need for your workout. During rest however, your body enters into protein synthesis and is able to utilize the nutrients you’ve consumed to repair and build new muscle.

Everyone is different when it comes to how much rest they need to be sure to  stay hydrated, stretch, and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY :)

How you incorporate the program with other workouts will be unique to your fitness level, recovery time needed and what other type of program you're using.

If you'd like more personalized guidance for incorporating your program with other workouts, support and a community to access while you're going through this, be sure to join my Rock Your Life fitness community (if you purchased the 90 day program, you'll have a special invitation to join in your email - be sure to use that for a special discount)

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-Betty Rocker