Hey Challenger!

To be honest, I don't have an answer to that. If you're in the habit of weighing yourself, one of the important things to know is that your weight on the scale won't actually tell you much about your body composition - as in how much water you're carrying, how much muscle, and how  much fat. 

You may start to notice you're feeling stronger, you might notice your clothes fitting differently without a lot of weight loss, which means your body composition IS changing. Muscle is denser than fat, and takes up less space - so as you lose fat and add muscle, that is exactly why you won't always see the number on the scale going down super fast all the time. 


Everyone is completely unique and the rate at which we lose fat is different. 


Exercise makes you FEEL amazing - more energy and better sleep are some side effects of regular exercise. 

Fat loss occurs faster when combining these challenge workouts with a healthy, balanced diet - so please do use the resources I provide you throughout the challenge to get the best and longest lasting results.


That's why you DEFINITELY should take PROGRESS PICTURES every week, and NOT rely on the scale.


In fact, I suggest not stepping on the scale at all during the challenge. Use your clothes as a way to track progress - they will start feeling loose as the weeks go by!


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-Betty Rocker