Hey Challenger!

I have some awesome resources to help you get started with healthy eating:

1. Start Here!

Find my most helpful blog posts to get started with nutrition, fitness, and motivation. 

2.  5 Step Food Prep and Recipes Guide for a Lean, Healthy Body 

Goes over how to balance your eating, shows how I plan a week, gives the recipes I choose, why I choose them, how I write a grocery list, and a sample 3-day meal plan.

3. Recipes on my Blog

Please use the blog as a resource! There are so many awesome ideas to help you get started.

4. Done for You Meal Plans

I have created several excellent meal plans to provide you with balanced daily menus, healthy recipes (gluten and dairy free, Vegetarian options included), grocery lists and lots of great information to help you learn how to incorporate this into your lifestyle. 

5. Eat Like Me

Learn my time-saving eating secrets, and see a day of my meals broken down so you can copy me!


-Betty Rocker