Great question! 

Having a Meal Plan to follow will speed up how quickly you see results with this challenge. Doing workouts alone will never give you the lasting results that including proper nutrition will. Have you ever heard the saying, "you can't out-train a bad diet?"

Your decision to take the challenge was based on your desire to make changes to your body, and to your life. Your focus is already on success!

You have some great options to get the right plan for you. 

The two main 30-day meal plans I have for you are both totally unique - they have different recipes and plans to follow but have the same easy-to-follow format. 

They both include grocery lists, meal plans, recipes (gluten and dairy free, Vegetarian options are included, but not Vegan), and food prep set up - here are the differences:

The Body Fuel System, in addition to the complete 30-day meal plan, also includes a Blueprint to understanding how the nutrients work together in your body to naturally burn fat, support lean muscle when you're exercising and explains how to eliminate inflammation, detox your body and totally rock your life.

This is a really good program to start with if you are new to how balancing nutrients in your body works and you would like to really create a foundation of health. It explains the best sources of carbohydrates, protein, fats and greens, and how to get them into your body in balance - to support exercise, energy, lean muscle and fat burning.

The 30-Day Challenge Meal Plan contains a condensed jumping off guide to understanding how to balance your foods, and also has a 30-day meal plan. In addition to the 30-day Meal Plan it also has 4 complete cookbooks, Green Smoothies, Breakfasts and Sides, Healthy Entrees and Healthy Desserts so that you can mix and match recipes and have lots of variety even after you finish the 30-day plan.

It's a great choice if you are comfortable with the way balancing foods works and are looking for a great program to follow and lots of additional recipes to keep your body in that fat burning mode that supports you while you're training. 

Many people start with the Body Fuel System and then get the 30-Day Challenge Meal Plan. Both options are amazing and will help you succeed, and maximize your results during the 30-day Challenge!

To your success!

-Betty Rocker