Hi Challenger!

Betty Rocker checks her Facebook Wall every single day to read the Challenger check-ins. Our team responds to the private messages sent, so if you want Betty Rocker to see your check-in or commitment, please don't send it as a message, post it on her wall so she can see it and send her encouragement.

To post on Betty Rocker's Facebook wall:

1. Go to Betty Rocker's Facebook Page.

2. Scroll down to where it says "Write something..."

3. Write your post as you would on a friend's Facebook wall and post it.

4. Your post will be sorted to the "Visitor Posts" section. 

Feel free to scroll through the other challenger check-ins to comment, like and support your fellow challengers! Hundreds of people check in daily, and it is super motivating for everyone to receive support and encouragement :) 

You're doing such a great job, and we appreciate you!

Team Betty Rocker