If you can't find your confirmation email, it's either in your junk or spam, or you accidentally mis-typed your email and we weren't able to deliver to you. 

If you suspect that may be the case, simply try signing up again, typing carefully, and if it works you should see your confirmation email shortly, but if it doesn't work be sure to look in junk or spam for that confirmation message. 

If you're looking on YOUR PHONE, your general mail app on your mobile device may not save ALL of your spam messages to save storage. Look on your Gmail App, Hotmail App, Yahoo App etc, OR just look on your computer in the full spam folder.

Dear Challenger,

So sorry you're having trouble finding your email! This is one of our toughest issues to solve, because we send the emails the same way every day, at the same time once you have signed up and the problem is actually due to the way all the different email servers work. 

To prevent any more missing emails please FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE to Whitelist my email now. This has a section for each email server (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) and will show you exactly how to prevent this from happening.

We can tell you from looking up thousands of people that in every case the email has been sent (the emails are automated), but it has not been opened - which means it's getting sent to you, but it's skipping your inbox due to spam filtering. Using the link above will ensure this doesn't happen again. 

Create a filter for Betty Rocker's emails, WHITELIST her email address, drag any messages you find in junk/spam/promotions folder to your INBOX and mark them as safe, add her to your contacts (bree@thebettyrocker.com) and look every day at the same time (3:30-5:30am EST) for your email - if you don't see it, it's in your junk folder. Delaying looking for it there can cause it to have already been deleted by your email server.

If you're looking on YOUR PHONE, your general mail app on your mobile device may not save ALL of your spam messages to save storage. Look on your Gmail App, Hotmail App, Yahoo App etc, OR just look on your computer in the full spam folder.

So the best thing to do if an email isn't in your inbox is to search for it in junk/spam from the email provider's app (i.e the yahoo app or the gmail app) if you're on your phone, or from your regular computer or laptop. 

Many, many people write us back to say, oops, oh yeah - I found it in junk but it didn't show when I was looking on my phone! We send the emails daily at the same time on an automated timer.

So if one day one is missing, it's not because we didn't send it - it's because it ended up in the wrong place - and unless you check right away, it's possible it has already been deleted. 

We know how frustrating that is and we are so sorry that you're having trouble!

Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the way all the email servers works. Email companies like yahoo, hotmail, live.com, sbcglobal  and work and school accounts are the worst and the most inconsistent for us - it's so weird because you'll get a lot of our emails but then randomly they'll filter your day 4 or day 10 to spam.

We don't know any way to fix this because it isn't something we do on our end -  we do everything the same every day, and are a well respected sender. 

One of the reasons we ask you to confirm your email is so that we can show our email service provider that we are taking every precaution possible to verify you want to receive email from us. 

But because so many businesses send spam, and email companies all vary in the way they sort messages,  we do always recommend using the BEST email you have - and we have the fewest problems with gmail accounts. It's almost worth getting a gmail account for the challenge if you want to make sure you get all your emails!

Since your email has already gone missing (which is why you're here) - please do a thorough search for it the way I described above (not just on your mobile app). You can search for "Betty Rocker" or "bree@thebettyrocker.com."

Our team can help you by sending you your email again if you can't find it, but due to the high volume of email we receive daily we cannot guarantee that we can help everyone with this issue as fast as you are hoping for. 

Please make sure you have followed these steps:


1. Registered for the challenge with your BEST email.


Why? Email accounts with known issues include Yahoo, Hotmail, Live.com, MSN, .edu and work accounts - you may be able to get your emails at these email addresses, but due to the strong spam filters on these email servers, many emails end up in junk or spam or don't even make it to you at all. GMAIL is the most likely to deliver, however, emails may go into a different folder like "Promotions."


Want to update your email address? Use the "Manage Your Account" link at the bottom of an email you've previously received or contact us at teambettyrocker@gmail.com and let us know what email you'd like to update to, as well as which email you'd like to update from.


2. Clicked on the LINK in the confirmation email that you get right after sign up.


Why? Confirming that we have the right email address is one of the ways we get permission from your email server to send to you, and it also verifies that we have the correct email address. It's easy to mistype on a mobile device, so if you haven't found your confirmation email, check your junk or spam or it may possibly be that you typed your email address wrong.


3. Add Betty Rocker to your contacts: 


marked her as a safe sender and created a filter for emails from her to go to your inbox. 


Why? If your email doesn't know that we are supposed to be writing you, it might block our emails or send them to spam or junk.


*Emails get sent AUTOMATICALLY at the same time every day. Get in the habit of checking for it each day, and if you do not see it, it is in your junk or spam. 

Keep in mind that looking for email on your mobile device may not always search all folders, so you may want to check from your desktop or laptop. 

If you find it in your junk, MOVE IT TO YOUR INBOX and follow the prompts to alert your email service that you want all messages from us to go to the inbox :)



You're going to have the BEST luck getting all your emails, BUT they often go to a different TAB in your account. 

This is not always obvious on your mobile device so it's VERY important that you add a STAR to Betty Rocker emails, ADD HER as a contact, and DRAG any emails you find in your PROMOTIONS TAB from her to your PRIMARY INBOX and follow the prompt from Gmail to always put her messages in your inbox. 

Skipping any of these steps basically means you may or may not get all of your challenge content. 


You may have some issues getting all of the emails, as some of them inevitably get filtered to spam and until you specifically ADD HER AS A CONTACT, CREATE A FILTER for emails from me and/or mark us as a SAFE SENDER. Please follow these steps so you can get your emails :)


It is NOT ideal to use your .edu email address or any address that's issued to you from your work server. These emails almost always get about 50-50 deliverability EVEN AFTER YOU CONFIRM. 

These servers have mega high spam settings and even emails you want will get auto-sent to spam. So SIGN UP WITH YOUR personal email or get a Gmail account.